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Superhero themed slots that you don't want to miss

As children, we all remember those super heroes which we loved so much, and many times tried to become when playing.

As adults, we can do that again with super hero themed slots. There are an array of heroes out there to choose from, and it makes sense that the gaming industry would pick up on those and turn them into fantastic games when they can ignite our imagination to such a large degree.

Immersing yourself in a world of gaming with super heroes is a great way to get into slot gaming to begin with, as you will have already likely played some kind of game based on super heroes to begin with, so it is not that alien a concept to play a slot game online with heroes in mind - check out

The Superman slot game is very much in keeping with the original comic book theme of superman trying to out wit his villainous counterpart with his brilliant cape and mask.

In terms of the features with this online slot game, save the world with the save the world feature, where you can set off about chasing the Lex Luther and while you are at it get rid of all of the asteroids coming to destroy the earth - get to Luther and you can win 100x your bet.

Super Heroes
This online slot game has been designed with super heroes in mind and themed around them, but not with one in mind in particular, instead the developers of this fantastic fun slot game created their own.

With this online slot game, you can activate the free spins feature and each of these helps you to increase your level and power up - as well as your chances to win some cash. A great feature of this game is that the higher your level, the more cash you can win, and so the longer you play, the better your chance. What a hero!

Justice League
This game has been based on the infamous title Justice League, and as such the game includes all of the favourites you can find from there including Superman, Batman and the Flash all spinning around the reels which each play.

If you love to have fun with free spins, this really is the one for you, with a huge assortment of them offered with this game and you can get all of them by hitting 3 or over Daily Planet Bonus symbols which gets you a whopping ten free spins.

This online slot game has been based on the theme of the iconic Batman, and to be in with the chance to win it all you have to do is get some free spins with the 2x multiplier that comes with them.

This online slot is a progressive one, although there is a non-progressive jackpot option to play with too which is worth up to 4,000,000 coins and you can win that when you match wilds.

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