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Payout Rate in slots explained

Humans have always loved to gamble; there are no arguments against that, especially when you consider some of the archaeological findings that suggest that even our distant ancestors were playing some kind of gambling game. Whilst this is true of course, gambling in the 20th and 21st centuries has become outrageously more popular, something that is mainly a result of things like the Las Vegas casino boom, and more recently the sensational emergence of online casino.

When we talk about online casinos in particular there is one group of gambling games that have made all the difference, and they are online slot machines. Seriously, without online slots in the modern gambling world it would remain to be seen how quick the industry would grow, because these infectious titles have been remarkably influential in the shaping of the modern online gambling industry. One of the main reasons for this is because their pay out rates can be a lot easier to work out than with other gambling games, keep reading to find out more about this.

What is a pay out rate?
So, first things first, what even is a slot pay out rate? This is a phrase that you are bound to hear more often than not in the online slots world, however for beginners and novice gamblers it might not make all that much sense. Well, the good news is that a slot pay out rate is pretty much exactly what is says on the tin – the rate at which a certain slot is liable to pay out.

This means that you can accurately predict how much any given slot is liable to pay out on average, something that is incredibly useful if you are stumped on what online slot game to play. And it is also rather useful if you find yourself consistently losing money whilst slot gambling, as you can choose a game with a higher pay out rate.

RTP and the best way to find out a slot pay out rate
But here's the thing: how are you actually meant to find out a slot pay out rate in order to use the information to help you choose what slot game to play? Well, that is all down to a piece of information called RTP, which is the No. 1 best way to find out what a particular slot's pay out rate.

You see, RTP stands for Return To Player, and it is given as a percentage that is indicative of the average amount of money you can expect to see back from your stake on any given slot. The average RTP is usually stated at being around 96%, so with this knowledge you can decide how good or not a particular slot's pay out rate is.

Things to consider in regard to RTP
RTP is a very useful piece of information indeed, however there are a few things to consider in relation to it. For example, a high variance slot could pay out massive prizes, but the RTP is likely to be slightly lower than on a medium variance slot.

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