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Las Vegas Casinos: A Mysterious Blacklist Of The Gambling Industry
Show us a place better to gamble than the mighty casino paradise of Las Vegas and we will show you a man riding a flying pig! There is nothing that can compare to this frankly outrageous place, with more gambling institutions on one street than you could find in the entirety of Northern France (probably).

All jokes aside, Las Vegas really does hold a somewhat mythical status when it comes to the art of gambling in casinos (some similarities with Cozino), and for all sorts of reasons One of the main things responsible is the sheer grandeur of these places, with some having entire zoos in their premise! But there is also the Las Vegas blacklist that can result in mystery... Let's have a closer look.

What Exactly Is it?
You will understandably be wondering what exactly the Las Vegas blacklist is if you haven't heard about it before, and we're willing to bet not many people have, such is its secrecy. Basically this is a list of rogue gamblers who have been prohibited from banning any casinos in the Nevada area for one reason or another.

The most obvious reason why you would be banned from entering these establishments is because of cheating, and this is indeed why the vast majority of names appear in the list. Ah yes, cheating has got immensely difficult over the years, and the amount of people that have been caught in the act is testimony to this.

History Of The Las Vegas Blacklist
Anyway, here's a little bit of history for you in regard to the Las Vegas blacklist: officially known as the Nevada Gaming Control Board Excluded Person List (a bit too wordy for our liking), the blacklist was first devised in 1960 as a way for the industry to wrestle back control from the numerous gangsters slowly creeping into the market.

At first the blacklist was quite literally a black leather-bound book that contained around 11 entrants, most of them mob bosses such as the vicious criminal Tony "The Ant" Spilotro. Many believe that the industry decided to create it in order to prove to Washington that they could police their casino halls themselves, and in many ways you have to admit it definitely worked.

Modern Las Vegas Blacklist
These days the blacklist holds 35 names, and is most likely now available as a computerised document rather than actual bound book, such is modernisation. The most recent people to be dealt this rather devastating punishment were Anthony Grant Granito and James Russell Cooper, who were caught last year scamming the Bellagio casino out of a cool 1.2 million dollars.

No wonder they were blacklisted, eh? It goes to show that severe acts like this do get punished in the casino industry.

The Las Vegas Blacklist Of The Future
There will no doubt be more people blacklisted from Las Vegas casinos in the future, especially with the rise in surveillance technology. Pretty soon it will be impossible to cheat...

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