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by The Point-to-Point Authority
As of Thursday 28th January 2021

Following the Prime Minister's statement yesterday, we are sorry to have to postpone the restart of the season until March 13 earliest, since he made clear that other restrictions would not be lifted before the schools went back.

However, he made clear that this was being based on it being three weeks after the completion of the vaccination for the first four priority groups as well as continued fall-off of infection rates etc. It is therefore possible there may be further delays, although factual trends are definitely in our favour. More positively, it does suggest that there will be more certainty when we get going again so should not be a case of 'on the bus, off the bus', and fixtures should find it easier to get clearance to run.

Can we take this opportunity to again thank you all for your patience. We remain positive that we can still have a good season with fixtures in place across the country for the remainder of the season. In the meantime we continue to work on ideas to help everyone, and our thanks to those who have written in with their suggestions. Not all are feasible for various reasons, which are not always immediately obvious, but some provide new possible ways forward to explore.

As of Monday 25th January 2021


Riders Directory - Sioned Whittle - Details updated


Avon Vale at Larkhill (12.12.20)

Barbury International Racing Club at Barbury Racecourse (13.12.2020)

Ratcheugh Racing Club at Alnwick (13.12.20)

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