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16.06.18 Torrington Farmers at Umberleigh (Donna Harris)

10.06.18 Tiverton Staghounds at Bratton Down (Donna Harris)

20.05.18 Border at Hexham (Peter Burgon)

20.05.18 Dulverton West at Bratton Down (Granville Taylor)

20.05.18 Grafton at Edgcote (Jake Exelby)

20.05.18 Knutsford Races at Tabley (Rory Alkin)

16.05.18 Weston & Banwell at Cothelstone (Kirsty Boutflower)

13.05.18 Bildsale at Easingwold (Will Milburn)

13.05.18 Four Burrow at Trebudannon (Granville Taylor)

13.05.18 Kimblewick at Kingston Blount (Andrew Norman)

13.05.18 Tredegar Farmers at Lower Machen (Brian Lee)

12.05.18 Minehead Harriers and West Somerset at Holnicote (Bob Bracher)

07.05.18 Banwen Miners at Llwyn Ddu (Brian Lee)

07.05.18 Cattistock at Littlewindsor (Bob Bracher)

07.05.18 South Shropshire at Eyton on Severn (Rory Alkin)

07.05.18 Stevenstone at Vauterhill, High Bickington (Granville Taylor)

07.05.18 Warwickshire at Mollington (Russell Smith)

07.05.18 Zetland at Witton Castle (Will Milburn)

06.05.18 Devon & Somerset Staghounds at Holnicote (Kirsty Boutflower)

06.05.18 Lauderdale at Mosshouses (Peter Burgon)

06.05.18 Radnor & West Hereford at Cold Harbour (Stella Havard)

05.05.18 Modbury Harriers at Flete Park (Granville Taylor)

05.05.18 Pendle Forest & Craven at Heslaker (Will Milburn)

05.05.18 Vine & Craven at Hackwood Park (Jake Exelby)

29.04.18 Axe Vale at Stafford Cross (Granville Taylor)

29.04.18 Fife at Balcormo Mains (Peter Burgon)

29.04.18 York & Ainsty at Easingwold (Will Milburn)

28.04.18 Farmers Bloodhounds (Drag) at Edgcote (Andrew Norman)

28.04.18 Four Burrow at Trebuddanon (Granville Taylor)

28.04.18 Ludlow at Bitterley (Stella Havard)

22.04.18 Cheshire Forest at Tabley (Rory Alkin)

22.04.18 Cleveland at Witton Castle (Will Milburn)

22.04.18 North Hereford at Brampton Bryan (Stella Havard)

22.04.18 West Norfolk at Fakenham (James Crispe)

21.04.18 Dartmoor Foxhounds at Flete Park (Granville Taylor & Donna Harris)

21.04.18 Haydon at Hexham Racecourse (Peter Burgon)

21.04.18 Kimblewick at Kingston Blount (Russell Smith)

21.04.18 Llangeinor Pentyrch at Pyle (Brian Lee)

21.04.18 South & West Wilts at Larkhill (Bob Bracher)

14.04.18 Silverton at Bishops Court (Granville Taylor)

14.04.18 Bedale at Hornby Castle (Will Milburn)

08.04.18 Portman at Badbury Rings (Bob Bracher)

08.04.18 Spooners & West Dartmoor at Cherrybrook (Granville Taylor)

08.04.18 Staintondale at Charm Park (Will Milburn)

08.04.18 Tedworth at Barbury Racecourse (Russell Smith)

07.04.18 Ystrad Taf Fechan at Ystradowen (Brian Lee)

02.04.18 College Valley & North Northumberland at Alnwick (Peter Burgon)

02.04.18 Old Berkshire at Lockinge (Russell Smith)

02.04.18 South Pembrokeshire at Lydstep (Beverley Thomas)

31.03.18 Avon Vale at Larkhill (Bob Bracher)

31.03.18 Dart Vale and Haldon Harriers at Buckfastleigh (Granville Taylor)

31.03.18 Kimblewick at Kimble (Russell Smith)

31.03.18 North Staffordshire at Sandon (Rory Alkin)

25.03.18 Holderness at Dalton Park (Will Milburn)

25.03.18 Lamerton at Kilworthy (Granville Taylor)

25.03.18 Mendip Farmers at Ston Easton (Bob Bracher)

25.03.18 Oakley at Brafield-on-the-Green (Russell Smith)

24.03.18 Lanarkshire & Renfrewshire at Overton (Peter Burgon)

24.03.18 Wilton at Milborne St Andrew (Bob Bracher)

11.03.18 Blackmore and Sparkford Vale at Charlton Horethorne (Bob Bracher)

11.03.18 Flint & Denbigh at Bangor-on-Dee Racecourse (Rory Alkin)

11.03.18 Hampshire at Hackwood Park (Jake Exelby)

10.03.18 Kingston Blount Racing Club at Kingston Blount (Russell Smith)

25.02.18 Countryside Alliance (Wessex) at Badbury Rings (Bob Bracher)

25.02.18 East Cornwall at Great Trethew (Granville Taylor)

25.02.18 Tynedale at Corbridge (Peter Burgon)

24.02.18 Vine & Craven at Barbury Racecourse (Russell Smith)

18.02.18 Combined Services at Larkhill (Bob Bracher)

18.02.18 Curre & Llangibby at Howick (Brian Lee)

18.02.18 Sir W.W. Wynn's at Bangor-on-Dee Racecourse (Rory Alkin)

18.02.18 South Pool Harriers at Buckfastleigh (Granville Taylor)

10.02.18 Berwickshire at Friars Haugh (Peter Burgon)

04.01.18 Percy at Alnwick (Peter Burgon)

04.01.18 South Dorset at Milborne St Andrew (Bob Bracher)

04.01.18 Western at Wadebridge (Granville Taylor)

28.01.18 Heythrop at Cocklebarrow (Russell Smith)

28.01.18 Midlands Area Club at Thorpe Lodge (Midlands Pointing)

28.01.18 Tiverton Foxhounds at Chipley Park (Granville Taylor)

27.01.18 Jedforest at Friars Haugh (Peter Burgon)

27.01.18 Royal Artillery at Larkhill (Bob Bracher)

20.01.18 Barbury International Racing Club at Barbury Racecourse (Jake Exelby)

14.01.18 Yorkshire Area Point-to-Point at Sheriff Hutton (Will Milburn)

09.12.17 Ratcheugh Racing Club at Alnwick (Peter Burgon)

10.12.17 Cornwall Club at Wadebridge (Granville Taylor)

03.12.17 Cambridge University United Hunts Club at Cottenham (James Crispe)

03.12.17 Hursley Hambledon at Larkhill (Bob Bracher)

26.11.17 Point-to-Point Owners & Riders Club at Barbury Racecourse (Jake Exelby)

19.11.17 The Bishops Court Racing Club at Bishops Court, Ottery St Mary (Granville Taylor)


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