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Making the Best Horse Racing and Sports Bets

Who doesn't love a good punt on the horses? With one of the widest betting ranges of any sport out there, when it comes to horse racing betting, it can really pay to know your strategies.

Just like with other types of sports betting, there are certain horse-specific ways to make your bets count, and not just by keeping updated with horse racing news: here are a few you should know about before laying down a wager.

Check Out the Recent Winner
It goes without saying that winners are likely to win again, while horses who haven't won any time recently, are far more unlikely to win any time soon.

This is because they're probably stronger horses, and are on top form, repeatedly submitted to races to avoid handicapper penalties. That and they only get better once they reach their prime… so tracking a horse that's a frequent winner will likely mean you are also in the running to win!

Value Betting
Betting for value, to put it shortly, is placing a bet where the odds are bigger than the chance you have to actually win. It's important to note that these value bets won't always win… but if you get lucky, then the wins will be worth it.

A quick word here on betting on favourites: as we mentioned above, recent winners are more likely to win again. However, betting on favourites will also give you the lowest odds of all - if you genuinely believe it's going to win, then do it, otherwise, look for a good value bet to kick-start your betting.

Shop Around at Online Bookies
A key strategy to use even before you actually make your bet, is to now your betting options: some online bookies offer way better odds (and even some nice sign up bonuses!) than others, so it's worth making sure you know what' out there for you. There are even some extra goodies, such as a Bet365 free bet, available to new punters. Check out some recommended online bookies, see what their offering - and sign up to a few before committing to just one. After all, if there's a field to play, then why not play it?

Watch Your Wallet
It goes without saying that if you don't have money, you won't be betting… but actually, this is one of the most important betting strategies we could give you.

Setting yourself a daily budget or even a budget per session or event, is a great way to make sure you make the most of your bets - because once the money's gone, it's gone.

Generally, you should never make a stake worth more than 5% of your total budget - because it's pretty risky, and your bankroll will go faster than a winning horse on the track!

Bottom Line
At the end of the day, horse racing betting is a fun, sometimes challenging way to get your kicks and maybe make a bit of cash on the side. The above tips will help you make the most of it - and remember, there's always a certain amount of luck, which you can never predict for!


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