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Busting some popular horse race betting myths

Having access to reliable information is one of the keys to becoming an excellent handicapper and win consistently at horserace betting. Regardless of how long you may have been betting on horses, you'd inevitably come across several misconceptions associated with the activity. Some of these myths have been around for a long time now and in this write-up we'd bust 4 such commonly known horserace betting myths.

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Horse racing is all about luck
Nothing denying that you might lose a horserace bet because of a bad jockey or some unforeseen events. However, if you bet thoughtfully on horses, and go only for the ones that have certain winning patterns, there's no reason that you'd not be profitable over the long term.

Please note, not only there's huge prize money involved for the winners of premium horse races like the Grand National etc., as long as you use your skills, even you can win life changing-sums from these races.

Although you might have bad days sometimes, something that can happen even in poker, your ultimate success would depend on your skill and not luck. Staying updated about the concerned race/s and horses also contributes significantly to wins. Here's a website which can help you with that.

No point betting on horses that haven't been around for 6 months or more
Always take a good look at the horses before deciding to bet on them or not. You should study if the horse has witnessed a sharp drop in class, has been taking on a weaker field, raced impressively prior to lay off or has been shipped from a good track. For instance, if a horse had been performing consistently well at the Grand National each year, but is returning from a break, there's every possibility that it might spring a good surprise. You'd sometimes be amazed at horses that can put amazing performances at excellent prices.

Avoid horses that try something new
Change is always welcome when it comes to horserace betting and you cannot be consistently profitable if you bet only on the same 5 to 6 horses. You must seek out horses that have been attempting new distances after a few sprints. Furthermore, horses trying out a new trainer or stepping down or up in class should also be looked at. Often it's only a small change that separates an average horse from a brilliant one!

It's possible to beat a race, but not multiple races
Counted amongst the oldest and most common myths of horserace betting, it basically implies that although you might get lucky sometimes, the more frequently you visit horse racing tracks, the more you'll lose.

This saying should actually be the other way round – that you can't possibly beat a horserace, but can beat multiple races. Please remember, it's the public that creates the odds at the racing tracks, the same odds you try beating. So essentially, horserace betting is a battle between the bettors. You'd win every time you are able to find fault with the public opinion, because of your better handicapping skills.



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