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Premier League will not stop clubs having betting companies on shirts

The British Premier League is widely regarded as the strongest football championship right now and the place where the big money is being spent. Not surprisingly, everyone is interested in investing in football clubs from this championship, including the flagship betting companies. There is a symbiosis between football and betting shops, with the league benefiting from the influx of punters watching the games they bet on. This was partially responsible for the growing interest in the English football league recently.

Conversely, sports books and online casinos like take advantage of the high profile of the football clubs they sponsor to have the names visibly displayed on their T-shirts. This has led to a lot of controversy regarding the impact of such advertising might have on prospective punters. Some lawmakers contemplate the possibility of banning football clubs from displaying logos of betting companies on their shirts. However, the Premier League has announced that it will resist any actions of enforcing such a strict law.

Gambling legislation under review
Sweeping changes to the existing gambling legislation are likely to be made in the years to come. The Premier League representatives will work closely with the government to make these changes but is not keen on banning gambling advertisements. Their arguments are numerous and include the fact that there have been long and mutually beneficial partnerships between sports and gambling. While the league itself doesn't have an official gambling partner, it allows each football club to choose its sponsor.

Meanwhile, Premier League officials are looking forward to work with the parliament on the revamping of the 2005 Gambling Act. Major changes are needed and they will be made in the months to come, so it makes perfect sense that the league should be involved. There are many things that must be debated and compromises will be reached, the issue of gambling sponsorships is going to be particularly contentious.

The VAR is here to stay
Another hot topic of conversation in British football is in regard to the VAR technology used to decide controversial moments in the game. The officials have reconfirmed their intention to maintain the use of this technology, as it offers more benefits than shortcomings. They have agreed, however, that certain changes need to be made, especially in regard to the length of time it takes to check the decisions made by referees. VAR will also be fine tuned to be more accurate when dealing with offside situations.

One of the most sensitive issues that are likely to be discussed with the football clubs, as well as the international lawmaking body of football is the offside rule. The research made so far highlighted the fact that the technology proved to be useful and in more than 95% it reached the correct conclusion. These are all strong arguments in favor of keeping VAR in place for at least one season. It is likely to be used in the Premier League for many years to come.

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