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Lutie Akinci
Available to ride in all areas
4 winners to date - Plenty of experience. 65 rides, claim 5lb in opens. Willing to school/ride out. Any opportunitys greatly appreciated. Based in Northamptonshire.
Added: 23/01/17

Joe Anderson
Available to ride in all areas
20 years old, currently working for Nigel Twiston Davies. I've had a number of rides in points, but looking for any opportunities to progress. Keen and willing to travel to ride out or school. Eligible for Novice riders races and will ride anything. Any feed back or responses would be greatly appreciated.
Facebook - Joe Anderson
Updated: 22/02/17

Darren Andrews
Available to ride in all areas
Cat B Amateur, 6 winners to date, Devon and Cornwall Novice title winner of the 2015/2016 season. Plenty of experience riding all different types of horses, Available to ride out and school on a regular basis, will travel far and wide! Currently riding freelance around the Devon and Wessex area. Any opportunity is greatly appreciated.
Twitter @Darrenandrews4
Updated: 07/12/16

Ed Austin
Available to ride in all areas
Amateur jockey based wit Dan Skelton. Have ridden under rules for the boss, available to school and ride out, very keen. Still novice rider with a 5lb claim in opens.
Added: 10/12/16

Ed Bailey
Available to ride in all areas
Cat B amateur still eligible for novice riders races. willing to travel to ride out and school. Ive ridden 2 winners to date and any opportunities given would be much appreciated.
07972 129 376
Updated: 07/12/16

Callum Bickers-Price
Available to ride in all areas
19 years old, currently working for Henry Oliver in Worcester. 2nd season pointing, happy to travel to ride out and school, eligible for Novice rider races. Family has 3 point to pointers which I shall ride this season. Willing to ride anything.
Facebook: Callum Bickers-Price
Added: 09/01/17

Joe Crompton
Available to ride in all areas
Novice rider work for Tim Vaughan racing, available to ride out school, etc on Wednesday afternoons. Based in Wales, will travel for rides, second season pointing.
Added: 07/12/16

Matthew Ennis
Available to ride all areas
Cat b amateur, 2 winners to date with multiple places and had about 50+ rides in the last two seasons under rules, eligible for novice riders races, will travel to school horses if needs be. Have ridden for the likes of Donald McCain, Charlie Mann and Jim Goldie. Any opportunities greatly appreciated!
Twitter: @mcennis
Facebook: Matthew Ennis
Email: Ennis.matt@hotmail.co.uk

Added: 21/11/16

Sophie Gray
Available to ride in all areas
Still eligible for novice riders races, have been riding in points since 2010. Had over 40 rides on maidens to open horses with 28 of those rides placed. Currently based in Chelt/Gloucs with Adrian Wintle but more than willing to travel, can school and ride out if needs be! Greatly appreciate any opportunities!
Added: 30/05/16

Kara Gregory
Devon & Cornwall - Midlands - South Midlands - South Wales & Monmouth - Wessex
Novice rider/Cat A amateur, riding weight 10st 5lbs. One ride under rules finishing 5th over hurdles for Neil King and one point to point at Larkhill on my own mare, pulling up 4 out. Wanting to gain as much experience as possible.
Added: 13/12/16

Vicky Griffiths
Devon & Cornwall - East Anglia - South East - Wessex
4 rides pointing (1 placed) in 2010 following 3 seasons of Pony Racing. Since ridden under rules and at point-to-points in the USA (incl. 1 bumper winner). Passed Cat A course in 2012 although I have never actually taken out the licence. Now working for a leading flat trainer in Newmarket (riding out and in the office). I am in the TA so should be eligible for military races.
Looking for some Novice Rider opportunities to get back into pointing (realistically for 2016/17 season) and very happy to ride out and school when possible!
Added: 30/05/16

Ben Hicks
Available to ride in all areas
Amateur jockey based with Warren Greatrex in Lambourn. I have had 40 rides including 5 under rules, with 4 winners and plenty of placings. Eligible for novice riders throughout the 2016/17 season, so any opportunity would be much appreciated. Available to ride out/school during the week and at weekends. Will hold an Amateur Cat B licence from September 2016.
Added: 31/05/16

Lucy Mager
Devon & Cornwall - South Midlands - Wessex
Three seasons pointing with 4 wins and numerous placing from approx 40 rides. Eligible for novice riders and can do any weight. Based with Teresa Clark, I'm available to school etc and looking for more rides this season. Any opportunities greatly appreciated, please contact me any time.
07738 605077 or 01934 813769
Added: 07/12/16

Rachel Talbot
Available to ride in all areas
This is my fourth season. Still able to ride in novice races. I'm self employed working on pointing and national hunt yards. Available for schooling.
Added: 21/02/17

William Marshall
Available to ride in all areas
Novice rider based with Dan Skelton in Stratford upon Avon. Keen, willing to travel and school. Very grateful for any opportunities.
07758 815201
Facebook: William Marshall
Added: 01/02/17

Callum McBride
Available to ride in all areas
I'm 19 year old, currently working at Nigel Twiston-Davies, have had a handful of rides this season. Looking for opportunities to improve and progress. Still a novice rider and can claim 5lbs in opens. Can ride out an school if necessary, Will ride anything!
Facebook: Callum McBride
Twitter: @Callum_McBride
Added: 30/03/17

Callum Miller
Available to ride in all areas
Ridden winners both in point to point and under Rules. Lots of experience with young horses. Very experienced Jockey, I'm currently an assistant trainer and train a few of my own. Will happily come and do a bit of schooling.
Twitter @Callum1154
Updated: 14/01/17

Harry Thorpe-Codman
Available to ride in all areas
Second season pointing. Novice rider eligible to claim 5lb in opens. Keen, able to provide good references. Willing to travel and school/ride. Very grateful for any opportunities.
Facebook: Harry Thorpe-Codman
Added: 30/03/17

Callum Wheeler
Available to ride in all areas
21 years old, currently working for Alan King near Swindon. Two point-to-point rides to date, looking to progress as a jockey and learn as much as possible. Able to ride as a novice and will sit and school on anything with four legs and a tail. Opportunities for rides or even just schooling are greatly appreciated and I am willing to travel across the UK for chances.

Added: 17/01/17

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